Report | 05.25.2011
Games meet Film:
Do you read me?


Binger Filmlab 25 May 2011 by Binger Reporter Aneta Lesnikovska

The Games meet Film try out was launched by MEDIAZOO @ Binger Filmlab in Amsterdam on 22-24 May 2011. Games Meet Film @ Binger Film Lab took place during a 48 hour non-stop crunch where 9 talented game designers/programmers and film/TV scenario writers from Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands met in a common physical space to develop artistic games and used narrative as a starting point.

The format of this event is inspired by game jam events organized within game development communities. The aim is to encourage innovation and experimentation among the participants and inspire the gamers and filmmakers to join forces, collaborate and challenge their skills and ideas. They use game play and narrative as equal elements and explore the possibilities and limitations of both game and film approach to narrative.

The 48 hour crunch session was streamed live non-stop and has resulted in a creation of 3 experimental text adventure games anno 2011 entitled Do you read me?. They will be launched on the LOUD transmedia online platform (project developed at Binger screenwriters lab) and will be presented at local and international game events and film festivals in 2012. The delivered content is open source and everybody is more then welcome to play, remix or develop it further (under creative commons license, where they state the authors and Mediazoo and keep the same license once done).

The collaboration between the scenario writers and the game developers showed that narrative structure is challenging for the game play and vice versa. When the game play was flowing smoothly they lost sight of narrative and when narrative was flowing, the game play took a more passive role. What became evident once the crunch was finished is that all the participants became equally aware of the challenges but also the great possibilities that are created once they make the effort to dive into the work method of each other. They felt they have just had a small peak through the slightly opened crunch door of the great possibilities that future collaboration would create.

The Games meet Film Do you read me? try out at Binger was a great starting point in a series of events that will create the opportunity for game developers and filmmakers to collaborate and exchange knowledge and ideas.