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News | 02.28.2012

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Binger On Demand

For film projects that are in need of specific professional guidance, Binger Filmlab continues to offer in 2012 its Binger On Demand programme.

Through the Binger On Demand programme Binger Filmlab offers filmmakers a tailor made approach to meet the specific needs of their film projects.

Both established and first time filmmakers can significantly benefit from professional guidance in the further development of their script and project as well in the preparation for the actual shoot. Binger Filmlab has an extended network of international advisors, covering a wide range of specialities.
By discussing the project specifics and the elements that need further work, Binger Filmlab can elaborate and offer a tailor made trajectory with price indication.
One-on-one script consultancy sessions is just one of the possibilities this trajectory can comprehend. Given the wide array of expertise of the international experts connected to Binger Filmlab, specific needs can often be fulfilled as a next step towards further project development.

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